Tours from Flats in Luxor

Are you looking for a local agent to arrange your tours in Egypt?

We don’t just provide accommodation and even just tours in Luxor. We can arrange tours all over Egypt.

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This month we organised the following schedule for a tourist who was not staying at the with us but wanted independent tours. Having a private guide means you get to control where and how long you spend at the sites.

Day 1 arrive Hotel transfer
Day 2 Guided Tour Sakkara, Memphis and Dashur
Day 3 Guided Tour Giza and Museum
Day 4 Islamic and Old Cairo Guided Tour
Day 5 Pharaonic Village and Khan el Khali
Transfer to Cairo airport
Transfer from Luxor airport to hotel
Day 6 Luxor east bank Guided Tour Karnak and Luxor temples, Open Air museum
Day 7 Luxor west bank Guided Tour Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut, Nobles tombs of Sennefer and Rekhmire
Day 8 Abydos & Dendera
Day 9 Luxor west bank Guided Tour Ramasseum, Medinet Habu, Deir el Medina, Pashedu
Day 10 Luxor west bank Guided Tour Valley of Queens, Nobles tombs Roy, Shu Roy, Ameninopet, Ramose, Khaemhep, Userhet, Meena and Nakht
Day 11 by road to Aswan Ankhtifi, El Kab, and possible Edfu if time
Day 12 Carter House, tomb of Ay, Isis Temple, Colossos, Northern colossus, Khokha nobles tombs, Benji tomb group
Day 13 Luxor west bank Guided Tour temple of Seti I, Merenptah, Pabasa, Assasif tombs
Day 14 transfer from Luxor hotel to airport, fly back

050The photo gallery is from another tour we organised for our regular winter guest Michael and his cousin, they took a few days down in Cairo staying at a guest house by the Pyramids. They had a great time with our Cairo guide Omar including the little visited Gayer Anderson Museum as well as the Pyramids, Sakkara,  Serapium, and Bent Pyramid