Airport/Station Meet and Greet

We will meet you at Luxor airport or train station and transfer you for $30 to your chosen flat.

We can also pick up from Hurghada at a special rate of $100 for those people taking advantage of cheap flights.

Just let us know the details of arrival, and we’ll make sure your transfer to your flat is 100% hassle-free.

Luxor Airport
If you’re flying to Luxor, please give us:

  • the flight number
  • time of arrival
  • and departure airport.

Luxor Train Station
If you’re arriving by train, please give us

  • the train number,
  • car number
  • seat number
  • the scheduled time of arrival
  • the departure station.

Please be aware that  trains in Egypt are often subject to delay and 5 hours is not uncommon. We recommend flying if you’re on a tight schedule and timings are important to you.

What to do if there’s an unexpected delay….

Firstly, don’t worry. We always keep a close eye on your flight or train. You won’t be the first person to be delayed, and you won’t be the last. Just send us a text if you need to get a message to us urgently, and we can let you know we’ll still be there to meet you.