Best Accommodation in Egypt by Doug Greene

Tourists have been coming to Egypt for a long, long time. Indeed, even in ancient times, few were able to resist the Siren’s’ call to this unique, enchanted land.   Despite concerns from some that unrest in the region may affect tourism, in 2017, Bloomberg put Egypt on its Top 20 list of 2017 travel destinations. Likewise, the latest United …

Diving in the Red Sea

Just had a couple of guests who went to Hurghada and did some diving. They used and NB It is important to make sure you do not fly the same day after diving. check the requirements  

Nile Magazine publishes an article about Accessible Egypt

Two steps forward with this great article but one step back with no progress from Helm or the Ministry. So frustrating, hopefully this might make a difference. This is a PDF of the actual article so you can read it Nile Magazine

New Ticket Prices 1st November 2017

Ticket prices for Egyptian went up 1st October but ticket prices for foreigners go up 1st November thanks to Hussein Omar and Mohamed A Fahmy for confirming that. Especial thanks to Mohamed for correcting as many of my mistakes as he could. I have not got all the prices confirmed but this is my best guess. Please send any corrections …

Flats in Luxor Group

Guaranteed Sunshine for your Christmas break

   Flats in Luxor GroupIf you are looking for sunshine, history, culture and friendly people there is no better place to come than Egypt. With direct flights to Luxor from EgyptAir you could swap the cold, grey skies of winter, for sun, al fresco eating and lazying by the swimming pool with tombs, temples and Tutankhamen thrown in. Our apartments …

Thoth Temple at Medinet Habu

If you are looking for the small Thoth temple also called Qasr el-Aguz this is a satellite picture from Google earth showing its location

Maps of the Nobles Tombs

Maps of the Nobles Tombs in Luxor   TT192 Kherue(Amenhotep III) TT414 Ankhhor (Psammetichus II)  TT279 Pabasa (Psamtek I) Valley of the Nobles – Gurna TT55 Ramose (Amenhotep III/Akhenaton) TT57 Khaemhet(Amenhotep III)  TT56 Userhet(Amenhotep II) TT96 Sennefer (Amenhotep II) TT100 Rekhmire (Tuthmosis II) TT69 Meena(Tuthmosis IV/Amenhotep III) TT52 Nakht(unknown but stylistically Tuthmosis IV/Amenhotep III) TT41 Amenemopet called Ipy(Ramesses III, Ramesses IV and …