Luxor Maps – Where are we?

Luxor does not have names for all its streets which is why we like to meet you and take you to your apartment. If you need an address for visa purposes Flats in Luxor, West Bank, Luxor is enough unless you are staying on the East Bank of course :).

The new app what3words is absolutely perfect for us, here are our locations using that

Nubian Eco Village


Al Gezera

So for all of you that like to know where you are here is a map from Google Earth with all our properties on it.

All Properties 2013

Map of Flats in Luxor Properties

As you can see all our property is centrally located right in the middle of Luxor.

The majority of our properties are on the west bank located between Hatshepsut’s temple and Luxor temple. All have fabulous views and are in the heart of historic Luxor.

West Bank Flats 2013

The West Bank Apartment Blocks

Our apartment blocks with a swimming pool are Goubli and Al Gezera but the Nubian Eco Village and the Arabesque House are a short walk away.

If you want to find them on Google yourself here are the co-ordinates

Goubli 25°42’15.32″ N  32°37’28.14″ E
Nubian Village 25°42’17.42″ N  32°37’27.83″ E
Arabesque 25°42’28.50″ N  32°37’28.00″ E
Al Gezera 25°42’33.64″ N  32°37’51.91″ E
East Bank 25°41’10.10″ N  32°38’00.09″ E