How to Choose a Flat

To make choosing the right accommodation for your holiday quick and easy, just have a look at the comparison below, which explains all the on-site and local facilities for each flat.

For example, want a family friendly apartment for mum, dad and the kids, with a swimming pool and restaurant then Goubli is the best apartment block for you with seven identical flats.

Would you like a romantic get away with a traditional feel,  the one bedroom villas at the Nubian Eco Village  fit that bill.

Looking for bed and breakfast than choose the Arabesque House

Looking for more night-life and shopping then it is the East Bank for you.

Don’t forget Tahrir Villa for serious luxury, pictures and details

If you still have some questions, please fill out our contact form and we’ll be delighted to help you make the right choice.

Location Al Gezera Goubli Nubian Eco Village Arabesque House East Bank
Flat Horus/Isis/Osiris Ra All flats All Villas Nigma Amar Layla Noor Geb Shu Anubis/Seth
Swimming Pool on Site
Swimming Pool within a short Walk
Free Wi-Fi
Very Quiet
Near touristic night life
Near the sites
Close to the ferry and village
3 bedrooms
2 bedrooms
1 bedroom
2 bathrooms
Restaurant on site
Meal Service
Roof Terrace
Air Conditioning