Suggested Itineraries For Egypt Holidays

Egypt is a big country and there is a lot to see. We suggest you restrict how many parts you visit depending on how much time you have. Remember you don’t want to spend all your time traveling.

Here are some suggested itineraries you might want consider, depending on the length of your holiday. If you’ve got…

  • 1 week
     Stay in Luxor and do a day trip to Cairo or Aswan
  • 2 weeks
    Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel are achievable
  • 3 weeks
    why not add the Red Sea or the oasis and deserts

There is certainly enough to see in Luxor to fill a complete week.

We recommend between 2-4 sites a day depending on the size of the site. There are 23 ticketed sites in Luxor, 2 on the East Bank and 21 on the West Bank. As the majority of our flats are also based on the west bank, getting to the historic sites of Ancient  Egypt is quick and easy.

If you’re thinking of travelling by train, it takes 10 hours to go by train from Cairo to Luxor. The train is often late so we recommend flying instead.

Another tip for you. Many visitors think that day time traveling by train is a good experience.  For the majority of your train ride, all you’ll see is donkeys, sugar cane and palm trees. People find that one hour is interesting. 3-4 is ok….. but 10 hours!!!! Also, bear in mind the toilets on a long journey like this can be a bit iffy as well.

Another option is to visit the sites between Cairo and Luxor by road. We can pick you from Cairo and take you through Middle Egypt to Luxor.

Depending on your budget and level of interesting this can take 2 -6 days. The same is true of going via the desert, although the minimum is more like 3 nights.

Don’t forget, when you stay with us, we can arrange a taxi to meet you when you arrive in Luxor, to make finding your flat and settling in completely stress-free.