Photos of Luxor, Egypt

Here are our photos of our holiday flats in Luxor and some of the amazing sights that Luxor offers the visitor.

All the buildings have Facebook albums

Goubli    Arabesque    Al Gezera    Nubian Eco Village    East Bank     Tahrir Villa

Nubian Eco Village. One of our delightful villas in the Nubian Eco Village. Designed by traditional builders from Edfu these delightful one bedroom villas are a romantic, peaceful place to stay. As well as being “green” or eco-friendly with their domes keeping the building cool. Situated next door to our Goubli complex with its swimming pool and restaurant.

Hatshepsut’s Temple. The mortuary or memorial temple of Hatshepsut, arguable Egypt’s most famous female Pharaoh. This is where she depicted the things she was wanted to be remembered for; her expedition to Punt, building the obelisks to Amun in the temple of Karnak, her ‘divine’ birth and the festival of Opet. Its unique architecture of terraced colonnades is not to be forgotten. Picasso Album

The Temple of Karnak. Everyone goes to Karnak temple but no group goes to the Open Air Museum. Inside there is the Middle Kingdom White Chapel of Senusret, which is exquisite. Also see; the botanical room shows Tuthmosis III as a rival to Napoleon with his love of science, the temple of Ptah where the guardians do a little trick with a mirror and the Sekhmet statue and the excavations taking place in front of the first pylon. Picasso Album

Egyptian Food. Salads are safe to eat with a few sensible precautions. In a tourist establishment for example these will be washed in filtered or bottled water.  In our restaurant we serve a number of different delicious salads.  Why not try purchasing foodstuffs from a local souk and cooking yourself. the local word for a casserole is tagen and these are served in clay pots which give the dish its name. Picasso Album

Balloons. An early start means you can drift over the Theban hills seeing the entire West Bank. one of the photos here shows everything  Hatshepsut, Ramasseum, Medinet Habu, the workman’s village at Deir el Medina, Valley of Nobles, Amenhotep II temple, Tuthmosis III temple. Look the other way and if you are staying with us you will be able to see your holiday flat clearly. Picasso Album

El Moudira. Moorish inspired architecture, shady courtyards, mashrabeya windows and a fountain.  The perfect place for that special meal. Want to propose, a special anniversary or maybe be ladies that lunch like we were 🙂  Located in the desert, we can take you there and our driver will wait and bring you back. PS We loved the deserts, yummy … naughty but nice. Picasso Album

Sofra. This 1930’s Luxor house has been loving restored and is now the site of wonderful restaurant. We had the meze menu so we could try as much as possible but not get stuffed. Dips, salads, stuffed vegetables and delicious little samosa like pancakes.  Great for vegetarians and lovers of fresh juices. Try an apple flavoured shisha, the local tobacco water pipe. Picasso Album

Ramasseum. This was the big destination of many a traveller doing the grand tour and they left their graffiti here, including Belzoni. The poem Ozymandes is connected with this site and I like to stand viewing the giant statue and reciting it, can you spot what is wrong with the poem? The fallen statue is massive, carved from Aswan granite and a testimony to Ramses II ego. Picasso Album

Handicrafts. Lots of choice here of the best Luxor has to offer and away from the hassle of the souk. Our local shops in Al Gezera village have everything. There is also my favourite shop Caravanserai just by Medinet Habu with its Aladdin’s cave of handicrafts and unique objects, fixed price. Picasso Album