Jude goes to Karnak

09 Jude at Karnak

It is the turn of Karnak for Jude, he is staggered how big it is 1.5km by 800m large enough for 10 cathedrals. There were things he saw from the Middle Kingdom 2000 BC to Roman Times. Poor Jude his feet hurt, he went to

  • main temple of Amun
    • 10 pylons
    • obelisks
    • courtyards
    • holy of hollies
    • festival hall
    • botanical room
  • open air museum
  • Ptah temple
  • Temple of the hearing ear
  • Priests Houses
  • Sacred Lake
  • Khonsu Temple
  • Opet Temple
  • Mut temple

His favourite thing was the White Chapel of Senuseret I.