Jude at Tod temple

11 Jude at Tod Temple

Today Jude went right off the beaten track to the temple of Tod. This is just outside Luxor but you have to get the tickets in advance at Luxor temple. It is a glorious deserted site where the guardians often don’t see any tourists for days and day. It formed part of the 4 temples dedicated to Montu at Karnak, Armant, Medamud, Tod. In fact Montu was much more important than Amun before the New Kingdom. He was a bull god and Egypt love cow and bull gods, most ancient cultures do because they are so useful for milk, food and farm work.  It was at this temple that some beautiful silver treasure was found from Amenemhet I in the Middle Kingdom, Egyptians liked silver more than gold because it was rare.

One of the caskets discovered in the Tod Treasure