Jude at Deir el Medina

12 Jude at Deir el Medina

Today Jude went to the workman’s village at Deir el Medina. He loved seeing how the people lived. The houses are next door to each other so the children would have been in and out of each others houses. The little roads are only the width of a donkey. The workman built the tombs of the Pharaohs in the Valley of Kings but they went on strike. It is the first strike we know about in history. They were complaining that Pharaoh hadn’t sent their food which was their wages. When the strike didn’t work they had a sit in at Medinet Habu. This was at the end of the New Kingdom when law and order was breaking down and there were lots of problems.

In the village you can see how they lived and died. They would swap work, a painter with a stome mason and help each other buiding the tombs. Their tombs are very interesting because they used pictures from kings and nobles tombs. Can you see the god that has a beetle for a head? Do you know his name?