Flats in Luxor and Archaeology Missions

At Flats in Luxor we are very proud of our connections with the Egyptology digs or missions. It is all my fault for loving Egyptology so much.


Back in 2006 Mahmoud heard a rumour that a new tomb had been found in the valley of kings so I set off to the valley early one morning and got to be part of press corp. After the event some of my photos were used on the KV-63 website and I developed a close relationship with Otto Schaden and the rest of the team, they put a link up to my website on the KV63 website.


Tomb of Meena

Under the director Melinda Hartwig this team stayed at our flats during their work in the tomb. It was fascinating seeing them at work, lots of high tech gear.


Theban Mapping Project

We were approached by Kent Weeks looking for a home for the TMP offices and a new library he is setting up in Luxor. This will be a great facility for the people of Luxor.



South Assasif Project

Having had individual members of the team staying here during the dig season we are now the official west bank accommodation for their conference in October 2012.


We are always keen to work with digs supplying accommodation and can provide competitive prices for both individual  members and entire teams, meals and free WiFi