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Jane writes a regular blog about Luxor life called “Luxor News”, here are some of the most recent posts:

  • Hidden Luxor 2nd Edition 30 Nov, 16
    I have completed the 2nd edition of Hidden Luxor with updated sites and disability tips.  There are an extra 6,200 words, so lots of good stuff.  Now here is a special FREE offer to all current owners. If you provide proof of purchase and a review on Amazon of the first edition I will GIVE you a copy of the 2ndedition eBook. Email me and you will get the eBo […]
    Jane Akshar
  • Sa Re Gourmet Shop Al Gezera village West Bank 28 Nov, 16
    It was only last night that I noticed this new shop in the village so I dont actually know when it opened. Their Facebook page is with more details. I bought the duck meat spread and it was lovely, very rich. They are open 10-1 and 5-8. It is super clean!Nice to have another excellent shop on the West bank. Atta the baker […]
    Jane Akshar
  • British delegation praises security at Luxor Airport | Egypt Independent 28 Nov, 16
    British delegation praises security at Luxor Airport | Egypt Independent: A British delegation from the Civil Aviation Authority praised the security measures followed at Luxor International Airport.
    Jane Akshar

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