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by Jane Akshar on 13 Dec, 10

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Jude goes shopping in Hidden Luxor

01, May 17

Meet Jude, the Flats in Luxor mascot. Jude wants to help you explore the Luxor most tourists don’t see. Today he went shopping. If you staying in a self catering apartment this is a great chance to explore the local markets and buy fresh produce from Egyptians. A unique aspect to your Flats in Luxor […]

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Jude at the Ramasseum

01, Apr 17

Jude went to the Ramasseum, not many people go there these days but at the end of the 1800’s it was very popular and people would come here when they did the grand tour. In those days they didn’t understand how bad graffitti was and put their names up all over the place. Jude has […]

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Jude at Dendera

01, Mar 17

Today Jude took a boat out of Luxor and went to Dendera. This temple is dedicated to Hathor the cow goddess. Sometimes Hathor is kindly and nice and other times she gets angry. One time she was so angry the only way they could calm her down was to get her drunk! You can read […]

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Jude at the tomb of Ay

01, Feb 17

Lots of people believe that this tomb is where Tutankhamen was supposed to have been buried but Ay stole it from him. they also think Ay stole his wife Ankhesenamun as there is a ring with both their names on in the Berlin museum. But it didn’t do Ay much good as he doesn’t seem to […]

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Jude at the temple of Hatshepsut, Deir el Bahri

01, Jan 17

Jude went to Hatshepsuts temple today. He looked at all the colonnades, even the ones at the bottom. He loved the heron catching the fish and the donkey of the Queen of Punt. She was really fat and needed a donkey to get about, the Egyptians made fun of her and showed her picture. He […]

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Jude takes a Day Trip to Kom Ombo

01, Dec 16

  Jude was really excited to go to Kom Ombo. There is a new crocodile museum which is really good. A hieroglyphic of a woman giving birth and lots of images of medical instruments. You can also see the hidden room where maybe the priests hid and pretended to be the voice of the god. […]

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Guaranteed Sunshine for your Christmas break

26, Nov 16

   Flats in Luxor Group If you are looking for sunshine, history, culture and friendly people there is no better place to come than Egypt. With direct flights to Luxor from EgyptAir and charter companies you could swap the cold, grey skies of winter, for sun, al fresco eating and lazying by the swimming pool […]

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AirBNB Review

26, Nov 16

Flats in Luxor is listed on a number of sites but we love AirBNB the best. They care about hosts AND guests, their commission is reasonable and payment is guaranteed. We just had a great review from a recent guest from Canada Flats in Luxor Goubli apartments with pool & views – Condominiums for Rent […]

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Jane the Egyptologist – podcast for kids

10, Nov 16

What is an Egyptologist? I was asked to give a talk to a cyber school in America which was great fun. I did a backup podcast in case the internet/electricity failed and I thought I would share it. The talk is based on the questions the kids(11-12 year olds) sent me in advance and I […]

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Jude goes sailing on the Nile in a felucca

01, Nov 16

All this site seeing Jude felt he need a rest and he went sailing on the Nile. He started at the Winter Palace hotel and sailed up to the bridge then they drifted on the current all the way to Karnak. It was very relaxing. He enjoyed a really nice meal and watched the sunset. […]

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