Review from Dr Liz back after 10 years

After living in Luxor at one of Jane and Mahmoud’s apartments for six months almost ten years ago, I was able to go back with my new husband. I wanted to show him my life as an Egyptologist so there was no doubt we would go back and stay with Jane and Mahmoud! We stayed on the fourth floor of her Gezera building where we had the most spectacular view of the Theban hills for Christmas and New Years. I had been dreaming about going back for years–it was like coming home.
We were able to order dinner as needed which we did on about three nights of our eleven-night stay. The food was very reasonably priced and there were copious amounts of everything (chicken, baba ganoush, stewed vegetables, bread, potatoes, etc). We used her driver to get around to the sites of both east and west banks. Jane has become extended family and part of the fabric of Luxor for me and many.