Learn more about Luxor Egypt as a great holiday destination

Balloon over Ramasseum

What do you look for in a holiday; culture, history, food, adventure, new experiences, friendly people, Luxor has it all. But dont take my word for it have a look at these videos showing you the history and the local life you can experience in Luxor.

Topics covered in and around Luxor

  1. working shadufs
  2. tours around the sites
  3. organic local food
  4. getting the best out of your Egyptian holiday
  5. fun for the kids
  6. Nile Cruise
  7. local life and culture
  8. how we built the Nubian Eco Village
  9. arts and crafts
  10. reviews
  11. parties at Flats in Luxor
  12. Getting a cut throat shave
  13. Egyptian stick dancing
  14. Ṣa’īdi Music
  15. sailing on the Nile
  16. birdwatching