Jude goes to Sakara

17 Jude at Sakkara

Jude took the sleeper train to Cairo, he just loved traveling on the upper bunk. Sakara is the oldest stone building and Jude was amazed by the details they copied in stone, doors left ajar, bundles of reeds made into columns, rolled up screens in doorways.  The pyramid was built in stages which is why it is in steps, perhaps the king’s spirit climbed to the sky using the steps. There was a court where the King celebrated his Heb Seb.

This was a big party he had after 30 years on the throne where he showed he was still fit to rule. It was then repeated every 3 years. He had to run around, wrestle a bull. when ever you see a picture of the Pharaoh with his legs apart he is doing this.

People like Ramasses had lots and lots of Heb Sed’s, thye liked to show off. There is a chance that when Akhenaton had one the visiting foreign kings might have bought plague to Egypt and that is why the royal family all died and Tutankhamen was the only one left. You can read more here