Hosting Egyptologists at Flats in Luxor


My brushes in action!!! Thanks Eric

paint brushes

We have hosted a number of archaeological missions or digs at Flats in Luxor. Although you may accidentally over hear things you can NEVER saying anything unless it is published. However lots of of them write blogs whilst they are working and I recommend you read them.  The latest one to stay Dr Donald Ryan and the Valley of kings project who gave us a plug in their blog.

They were looking into undecorated tombs in the Valley of Kings and on the blog there is a very interesting article about KV60 and its history and connections with Queen Hatshepsut.

Now I could never be a field archaeologist the amount of patience, stamina and fitness required is enormous and then you need even more patience. Def not for me but it is great fun to be on the periphery and sometimes you can be useful. The other day they need a vital tool and had not got it, had I by any chance got a small soft brush. I brought some paint brushes with me to Egypt for my daughter to play with some 13 years ago and they were exactly what they needed. Although I will never be on a dig my paint brushes were!!!