Chronological Luxor

Chronological Luxor
It occurred to me that some visitors to Luxor would like to view things from a particular period or king so I divided up every site in Luxor chronologically. Not everything is open but most are. If you want more details of a site try my Hidden Luxor e-book and videos.

 Pre Dynastic
o Naqqada
1st intermediate period
o Ankhtifi
Middle Kingdom
o Deir el Bahri Nebhepetra-Montuhotep
o Open Air Museum Senusret
    White Chapel
o Middle Kingdom Courtyard
2nd Intermediate Period
o Pyramids Intef 17th dynasty Dra Abu Naga
o Kamose Stele Luxor Museum
New Kingdom
• Ahmose
o Luxor Museum mummy
• Amenhotep I (Ahmose Nefertari)
o Founder workman’s village Deir el Medina
• Tuthmosis I
o Karnak obelisks
• Tuthmosis II
o Karnak enclosure wall middle kingdom court
o 8th pylon
o Deir el Bahri
• Hatshepsut
o Red Chapel
o Obelisks
o Deir el Bahri
o Karnak
• Tuthmosis III
o Mortuary Temple
o Deir el Bahri
o Medinet Habu
o Karnak
o Obelisks
o Tomb
o Rekhmire
o Benji
• Amenhotep II chapel Open Air museum
o Sennefer
o Userhet 56
• Tuthmosis IV
o Karnak
o Nakht
o Meena
• Amenhotep III
o Luxor temple
o Colossus of Memnon
o Malkata
o Tomb west valley
o Ramose, Khaemhet
o Kheruef
o Mut temple
• Amenhotep IV/Akhenaton
o Luxor Museum
o Open Air Museum
o Various block yards
o Damage
• Tutankhamen
o Luxor Temple
o Karnak
o Tomb
• Ay
o Tomb
• Horemheb
o Tomb
o Karnak
o Roy
• Ramses I
o Tomb
o Mummy in Luxor museum
• Seti I
o Tomb
o Karnak
o Temple
o Pashedu
o Abydos
• Ramses II
o Luxor temple
o Karnak
o Ramasseum
o Tomb
o Kv5
o Over carving Deir el Bahri, Medinet Habu, Seti I temple
o Sennedjem
o Userhet 51
o Khonsu
o Nefersekheru
o Neferronpet
• Merenptah
o Tomb
o Temple
o Shu Roy
• Seti II – tomb
• Amenesses -tomb
• Siptah – tomb
• Tawsert/Sethnakht
o Tomb and remnants of mortuary temple
• Ramses III
o Tomb
o Valley of Queens tombs
o Medinet Habu
o Karnak
• Ramses IV
o Tomb
o Ramses IV Anherkhau
• Ramses V-X tombs
3rd Intermediate Period
o Sheshonk Karnak ( II Kings)
 Late Period
o Assasif Tomb Ankhhor
o Pabasa
o Medinet Habu
o Karnak
30th Dynasty – Nectanebo Sphinx Alley
o Deir el Medina temple
o Karnak
 Ptah temple
 Khonsu temple
o Medinet Habu
o Tod Temple
o Luxor Temple
o Front of Karnak
o Luxor Temple Mosque
Modern Times
o Carter House
Hidden Luxor
o Travel to and around Luxor Free Video
o Site Practicalities Free Video
o Getting About in Luxor
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o Holiday