Best Accommodation in Egypt by Doug Greene

Tourists have been coming to Egypt for a long, long time. Indeed, even in ancient times, few were able to resist the Siren’s’ call to this unique, enchanted land.


Despite concerns from some that unrest in the region may affect tourism, in 2017, Bloomberg put Egypt on its Top 20 list of 2017 travel destinations. Likewise, the latest United Nations World Tourism Organization report revealed that Egypt is one of the world’s fast-growing tourist destinations for 2017.


Now that you know that Egypt is the place to be, it’s time to decide what kind of place is right for you. Navigating the Rating System in Egypt is the first step, and then consider what each accommodation option offers you. Rest easy, we’ve done the work for you. Keep reading for AllTheRooms guide to accommodations in Egypt.

Rating System in Egypt

It’s important to be aware that the “star rating” system in Egypt is rather curious, and you may be in for some surprises. For example, it’s possible that the three-star hotel you stayed in on Friday night was somehow better than the five-star hotel you find yourself in on Saturday night.


The arcane rating system is based on a combination of factors, among them how many rooms are in the hotel, whether it has swimming pool or restaurant, and the cost of the hotel. So you may find yourself in an expensive five-star hotel with a lot of rooms and a restaurant, but leaving something to be desired in comfort and service quality.


The point is, simply relying on the number of stars the hotel has is not sufficient, and you want to make sure you do your research before making a reservation. You can use the Rating System as a very general guide to expectations, but be aware that it may not match your expectations of your native country.

Types of Accommodations

You’ll find all kinds of accommodation options in Egypt. This will largely depend on where you decide to settle down for the night, and could range from resorts and budget guesthouses to campgrounds and hostels.


One thing to be wary of upon arrival is hotel employees trying to flag you down in popular tourist centers. Egyptians call this practice “fishing for guests”, and you can be certain that the deal they are promising you is not as good as they describe.


Keeping the aforementioned discussion of the rating system in mind, five-star hotels are generally modern and chain-owned. You can typically expect swimming pools, bars, restaurants, air conditioning and many of the usual accommodations found in luxury hotels.


What four-star hotels may lack in luxury, they may make up for in character. They don’t carry the Hilton brand name, but they could have a more authentic Egyptian feel to them that is lacking in the corporate chains. This is even more true for three-star hotels, although once you get into the three-star territory, it’s time to start being more modest with your expectations.

With one and two-star hotels, realize that you will rarely get air conditioning in the summer, or heating in the winter. Indeed, exercise good judgment in general when evaluating one and two -star hotels, unless comfort is not high on your list of priorities, or a place was specifically recommended to you by someone you trust.


With hostels in Egypt, you generally get what you pay for, although there are some excellent, safe options. These are great opportunities to mingle with other travelers at a budget rate, while still absorbing the culture in a way that you wouldn’t in a Hilton Hotel. But always exercise caution.

Luxury in Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is often called the world’s greatest open-air museum. It’s no surprise why this is one of the top tourist destinations in Egypt, considering its wealth of incredible monuments that have somehow withstood the wear of time, from the Amun Temple Enclosure, to the Valley of the Kings, and many more.


To avoid any surprises with the rating system or hassles with unwanted solicitors “fishing for guests”, make your life easier and work with Flats In Luxor. With Flats in Luxor, you have the opportunity to see the real Egypt, mix with locals and get really hands-on with the history.


Flats in Luxor offers the freedom of a self-serving apartment in Luxor, giving you family-friendly accommodations, independence, flexibility, and a real feel for the country. That means first-class accommodations while still experiencing the real Egypt. You don’t have to sacrifice luxury or authenticity when you work with Flats in Luxor.


Tours of Luxor can be provided for both guests of Flats in Luxor and those staying in other hotels. So if you decide you prefer a different accommodation, they can provide excellent guides and drivers who will take you away from the crowds to hidden sites and unvisited tombs.


Balloon over Ramasseum


Flats in Luxor is run by Jane Akshar and Mahmoud Jahlan, an Anglo-Egyptian couple. Since 2003 their mission has been to provide relaxing holidays in Luxor in affordable, Western-standard, self-catering accommodations, which is perfect for the discerning, independent, tourist.

Now you’re all set to make a decision on where to say for your Egyptian adventure. For all your accommodation needs outside of Egypt, be sure to use


Bio:   Doug Greene is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has spent his life doing everything from washing school buses to managing human resources, and now plies his trade as a writer in Medellin, Colombia. Hobbies include reading Charles Bukowski and listening to country music.