Advice about flying and diving

Had a guest that wanted to go diving on the last day of the their holiday and I remembered there is medical advice against it and got it confirmed.

Bare minimum is 12 hours – and that’s if you’ve been pootling quite shallow. If you’ve been wreck diving, then you need to leave up to 24 hours – better safe than sorry, I think.Usually you knock off about 4pm, then get the flight the next afternoon, so you’re not really missing a day, cos you have to pack your gear up etc make sure all the salt’s rinsed off etc.Here’s DAN, they are the medical advisers to the diving industry.


So don’t go diving on the last day and instead of sitting by the pool clock-watching, see the valley of the kings 🙂


Got another piece of advice in response to this post

Andy Radcliffe A single dive within recreational limits: 12 hours
Multiple days/multiple recreational dives: 18 hours
Decompression diving (planned or unplanned): 24 to 48 hours