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Al Gezera Flats, the original Flats in Luxor

These are our biggest property and have three huge double bedrooms, massive lounge and deep balconies. There are described fully with photos on our accommodation page here. These flats include access to the swimming pool and Jacuzzi.


East Bank by the Isis

Central to the tourist area and again with three double bedrooms, including a master bedroom with ensuite.


Rural West Bank

These flats are in the process of being built to the same high standards as our other properties. They will comprise a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats with communal areas including swimming pool and Jacuzzi. They are located in a quiet rural part of Al Gezera and have uninterrupted views of the Nile and the Theban Hills. We have planned for owner involvement in the finished flat, e.g. choice of tiles, colours and furnishings in the same way we did our penthouse flat. Part of the facilities at this location will be a courtesy taxi service between the flats and Al Gezera village. However this is on a service car route as well.

Why have a property in Luxor? well there are several reasons

Luxor is increasingly becoming an alternative for holiday makers want to buy a second home. Out doing Spain and France because of its low prices. With all year round sun and high temperatures and cheap cost of living. Flight only tickets are also available on the charter airlines to Luxor .

Retirement is another reason, there are many ex pats living here in Luxor and a pension that would barely keep you in the UK is a considerable independence here. Prices are very approximately 1/10 of those in the UK . With no heating costs, a heavy burden in the UK and amenities such as water, gas and electric being particularly low priced a confortable retirement is assured. Medical facilities in Egypt are good and Cairo has excellent hospitals. Food costs are so low that even pensioners can afford to eat out every night. We would be delighted to help anyone moving here with advice about all aspects of a permiment move. The Egypt ian authorities welcome long term residents and there are no legal issues to worry about.

Increasingly investment is another good reason for buying a property in Egypt . Luxor is like Spain in the early days with cheap land and buildings and a growing market of people want year long sun and a better quality of life. Land in some areas has more than doubled in price in a year. Quality accommodation built to Western standards is in constant demand. Whilst the lower end of the market is in the doldrums the top end is buyant and lively.

We can also help you find land and project manage a build for you. With three developments under his belt Mahmoud knows everything about the building property in Luxor and as he is a local he knows the local shortcuts as well. Using him to manage and purchase materials will save you a considerable sum as there is one price ofr locals and another for foreigners.

We own three sets of apartments, one of which is in the process of being built. Apartments are available for sale in all three locations. We have already sold our penthouse flat in Al Gezera and the happy purchaser is available as a reference. He only wishes to live here part of the year so we manage his property whilst he is away. We are quite happy to do this for other purchasers who only want to live here part of the year or because of other circumstances are unable to make a permanent move just yet.

Prices on application. Full registration of the land is included.

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